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After adding our Add-On MP3juices to your browser you will see a new icon in your browser toolbar*. From now on you can simply click on the icon when you are visiting a YouTube video URL. With one click on the icon a small PopUp menu will open and will show you a „MP3 Download” and „Search on website” button.

If you click on the „MP3 Download” button you will be redirected to our website and the conversion of the YouTube video will start. After a few minutes the conversion will be finished, and you will be able to download the converted video as a MP3 file.

With one click on the „Search on website” button you will be simply redirected to our main page with our search function.

*The Add-on icon will be only permanently visible in the Firefox browser. To make the Add-on permanently visible in Microsoft Edge you will need to click on the puzzle icon in the right top corner, and click on the eye icon next to the add-on name. You will need to do the same in Opera with the only difference that the puzzle icon will be a square icon and the eye icon will be a pin icon.